Our Mission

The Duke Initiative for Science & Society examines the integral role of science in law, policy, social institutions, and culture.

puzzleAdvances in science and technology rapidly change the world we live in, shape our lives and culture, and raise myriad ethical, legal, and policy-related questions: What are pressing social problems for which there may be technological solutions? What steps promote just distribution of beneficial technologies? What policy issues does emerging science raise? How can different stakeholders work together to promote good science? And how can we tell when science is ‘good enough’ to be used as the basis for legal and policy decision-making? The Duke Initiative for Science & Society examines these and other broad-ranging questions about the integral role of science in social institutions and culture.


Our Mission

To maximize social benefit from scientific progress by making science more accessible, just, and better integrated into society.

Our Goals

  • To embed an understanding of the ethical, legal, and social implications of science into education and scientific research, conduct, and communication.
  • To better integrate science into policy and legal decision-making.
  • To improve science communication in order to enhance public understanding of science.
  • To carry out and publish research on questions related to the integration of science and society.


Download the Duke Initiative for Science & Society Bylaws.