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Wed, Mar 09

Alumni Highlights: IEEE Fellowship | Harvard Law School | Reflections on the Masters in Bioethics, Tech Ethics, and Science Policy Program


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Ashley J. Williams Accepted into IEEE Congressional Fellowship

Congratulations to Ashley Williams, MA-BSP ’21, on her acceptance into the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Congressional Fellowship. The IEEE fellowship is a learning experience and an opportunity to pass on knowledge and experience to policymakers who may or may not have a science and technology background. During her fellowship, Williams will address challenges created by advances in technology and communicate timely advice to members of Congress.

Williams cites her interdisciplinary experience in Duke’s Master of Arts in Bioethics, Tech Ethics, and Science Policy program as an essential step on her path to this fellowship. “Through the MA program, I was exposed to the world of science policy, law, and ethics in ways I did not imagine when entering Duke,” says Williams. “The coursework and experiences allowed me to delve into myriad topics with individuals of diverse educational and professional backgrounds.”

The MA program provided engaging discussions, critical analysis of texts, and interest-driven projects that significantly enhanced her training as a scientist. Learning to analyze information through an ethical and policymaking lens and how to communicate to various audiences gave Williams the confidence to pursue opportunities in science policy following the completion of her graduate work.


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Seva Castleberry, Huang Fellow ’21, Accepted to Harvard Law

Congratulations to Seva Castleberry on his acceptance to Harvard Law! Seva studied sociology and chemistry as an undergraduate at Duke and was a member of the 2021 cohort of Huang Fellows. Seva originally came to Duke on a pre-med track, but through the Huang Fellows program found new passions that led him to previously unconsidered interdisciplinary scholarship.

“The Huang Fellows program was an invaluable part of my time at Duke,” says Castleberry. “Not only did it introduce me to a community of brilliant minds, it also catalyzed, fueled, and guided my academic pursuits.”

The program taught Castleberry to appreciate art, language, policy, and law as much as science itself. “Being a good scientist — one who pushes forward the ideas that humans can know and use — means embracing these adjacencies with reverence.” For Castleberry, this meant leaning into his fascination with the law, despite spending two years preparing to apply for medical school. Because of his Huang Fellows experience, he now plans to attend Harvard Law School to focus on technology and intellectual property law. With this next step, he hopes to pursue a career in cyber law litigation and tech regulation.


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Ashle Page, MA-BSP ’20, Duke Graduate School Alumni Profile

Ashle Page earned a master’s degree in Bioethics and Science Policy from the Duke Initiative for Science & Society. During her studies, Page focused on the intersection of science, technology, law, policy, and ethics as it pertains to space exploration. Her experience is now featured in the Duke Graduate School’s Alumni Profile Series.

“I realized there is often a gap between the technical procedure of science and how it is applied in the real world,” says Page. “So, I tried to get outside the lab to view different perspectives and to better understand the people and issues behind the numbers.” Page goes on to recognize that the pressing issues of our time are driven by science and technology. “Addressing tough issues demands an interdisciplinary approach. The Duke Bioethics and Science Policy program has prepared me and my fellow graduates to be uniquely situated to tackle present-day challenges.”

In addition to her graduate degree at Duke, Page earned bachelor’s degrees in Chemical Engineering and Polymer & Color Chemistry from NC State and a Juris Doctor from UNC. While a student in The Duke Graduate School, she served as an Associate Editor of the Duke Science Review as well as a mentor through Duke F1RSTS. She now works with emerging technologies in intellectual property and stays connected with Duke through the Duke Hospital Ethics Committee, Triangle Regional Board, and Alumni Admissions Advisory Council.

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