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Fri, Sep 30

Duke Science & Society Launches New Online Science Policy Resource

The Duke Initiative for Science & Society’s SciPol Program is an unbiased public service website providing science policy updates, explanation of the relevant science at issue, and opportunities for engagement in the policy-making process.

The program seeks to make science policy more accessible to the public, students, researchers, journalists, and other organizations that want to stay accurately informed and better equipped to participate in today’s policymaking decisions.

Goals for the program include serving as a pedagogical tool, functioning as a platform for experts at Duke to contribute their expertise, and providing a mode for connecting various stakeholders across diverse sectors.

SciPol launches with two active topics: Genetics/Genomics and Neuroscience. The program will be expanded to include Robotics and Nanotechnology in the near future. Interested faculty and researchers from all scientific fields are encouraged to contact SciPol Director Aubrey Incorvaia to learn more about how to get involved in the program.

Visit the website at