Jory Weintraub, PhD

Science Communication

The staggering pace of discovery and innovation makes this one of the most exciting times in history to be in STEM. Yet, science is under attack from all sides, research funding is scarce and the public often struggles to understand science and its relevance to their lives.

Science & Society is addressing these challenges by engaging the public directly in STEM, as well as training STEM professionals (both current and future) to communicate their work more effectively to policymakers, funders and the public.
  • STEM Workshop Student

    Workshops & Training

    Bring Science Communication Workshops to your Institution Funding is scarce. Anti-science rhetoric is on the rise. Public understanding of (and...

  • SciComm Student Studying

    Science Communication Courses

    Science & Society offers a variety of courses for Duke students: SCISOC 201 (Science, Media & Perception) – Explores different forms of...

  • Scientists on Stage at Periodic Tables

    Public Engagement

    Science & Society conducts a variety of unique and engaging STEM public outreach activities to communicate science and its relevance....

  • Sedimentary Layers Jeff Chelf & Wout Salenbien Art of a Scientist 2018

    STEAM (STEM + Arts) Projects

    Through the Lens of COVID-19: An Artistic Collection of Pandemic Experiences   The Duke Initiative for Science & Society invites you...

  • Chemistry research

    Communicating STEM Broader Impacts

    Science & Society supports the STEM community’s efforts to communicate the benefits to society and the relevance of their work....