STEAM (STEM + Arts) Projects

Science & Society has a number of efforts focused on STEAM (the interface of STEM and the Arts)

Through the Lens of COVID-19: An Artistic Collection of Pandemic Experiences


The Duke Initiative for Science & Society invites you to tell your COVID-19 story and help us chronicle the collective effects of the pandemic on the Duke Community

For all of us in the Duke community, March of 2020 brought significant change to the rhythms of our lives. Education and work were disrupted, community spaces were vacated, and much of our world shifted to isolated spheres, with only essential work and technology keeping us connected.

We all felt loss, whether of a personal connection, an opportunity, or our typical daily patterns.  Many of us also experienced unanticipated positives: enjoying more time with family, discovering a passion for baking or gardening or fitness, or perhaps simply developing a greater appreciation for the little joys in life.  Regardless of the extent, we have all been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, living through a year of changes small and large.


Through the Lens of COVID-19 is an online archive of artistic representations of experiences designed to allow every member of the Duke community to unite, heal, and reflect on the past year. We are inviting all members of the Duke community – students, staff, faculty – to submit artistic reflections of their lived pandemic experiences.  Submissions of all media are welcomed.


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April 2021 SciComm Lunch & Learn – Science Sonnets: The Poetry of Good SciComm

“The words of poems are the tuft and final applause of science.” So said the great American poet Walt Whitman. But what did he mean? Is there science in poetry? Poetry in science? During our April SciComm Lunch & Learn event, we explored these questions with Bradley Allf, who shared his thoughts on how these two endeavors not only coexist, but complement each other.

Read Some Science Sonnets Here


The 2019 Duke STEAM Forum was an afternoon full of great discussion about how STEM and the Arts intersect at Duke. We are so excited to continue this conversation and to explore more paths for STEAM at Duke in the future.

Art of a Scientist Gig Posters

Art of a Scientist

Initially developed by three Duke graduate students including current Science & Society postdoctoral fellow Ariana Eily, Art of a Scientist is an annual exhibit that brings together scientists and artists to create artistic interpretations of scientific concepts and communicate them to the public.


Duke STEAMTeam

Supported by a Duke ICPG (Intellectual Community Planning Grant), this project brings together Duke faculty, staff, administration and students across a variety of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, arts and humanities disciplines to explore overlapping and complementary interests, and promote more sustained and vigorous interdisciplinary research, academic coursework and public engagement in the STEAM space, both within and beyond Duke.


Allen Building STEAM Art Exhibit

Curated by Science & Society postdoctoral fellow Ariana Eily, this temporary exhibit in the halls of Duke’s Allen Building (home to Duke’s President) explores STEAM topics through visual images.