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Wed, Feb 05

Technology and the Meaning of Life

Episode 006 of TBD: Technology By Design is a conversation between Matt Perault and Franklin Foer, staff writer for The Atlantic, on how they’re trying to use technology in their life to create meaning and purpose…

Wed, Feb 05

What You Need to Know About Coronavirus

There’s lots of news about the coronavirus — need a quick recap of what’s happened so far? Read our new #SciPol Landscape Explainer.

Tue, Jan 21

Internet Freedom Ten Years In

Hillary Clinton gave her first speech on internet freedom 10 years ago today…

Fri, Jan 17

Scientists Assemble Frog Stem Cells Into First ‘Living Machines’

The so-called ‘xenobots’ could replace traditional metal or plastic robots without polluting the planet, but they raise ethical questions

Thu, Jan 16

How the Police Use Facial Recognition, and Where it Falls Short

Records from Florida, where law enforcement has long used the controversial technology, offer an inside look at its risks and rewards.

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