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Tue, Oct 06

Immigration Projects Explore Biometrics, Mental Health and Deportation Issues

As one of the most important issues facing the U.S. and countries around the globe, immigration raises complex questions about identity, culture, economics, social services, health care and security.

Wed, Sep 02

COVID-19, and the Costs of Big Data

TikTok’s illicit collection of user data recently drew fire from US officials. But TikTok’s base—largely young adults under 25—was unfazed. In viral videos posted in July and August, users expressed little concern about their digital privacy.

Fri, Jul 17

Should Facebook Pick a Side?

Boycott organizers want Facebook to “pick a side” and align its corporate operations with aggressive activism on issues such as racism and social justice. But picking a side would mean a radical shift in the company’s approach to its product and alienate many of its users.

Thu, Jul 16

How TikTok’s Departure from Hong Kong Could Become a Win for China

On its surface, the move seems like a victory for human right. But the reality is far blurrier.

Wed, Jul 08

China’s crackdown in Hong Kong raises fears the great internet firewall could expand

A new national security law could push U.S. tech companies out of Hong Kong, extending China’s influence in the city.

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