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Tue, Mar 24

Social media data could greatly aid in tracking COVID-19 worldwide

Privacy laws hinder technology companies from sharing social media and search data…

Mon, Mar 23

How to Unlock Telemedicine On Such a Large Scale

The rapid spread of coronavirus is quickly filling hospital beds and consuming the time and attention of medical professionals. And even as health officials issue warnings to stay home, many people must travel to get medical care and guidance.

Thu, Mar 19

Information Sharing During an Epidemic: Policies and Best Practices

As the world struggles to contain the economic, political, social, and health impacts of the COVID-19 virus, it is also wrestling with how both online censorship and the open internet have helped the spread of the virus.

Tue, Mar 17

Notice About Duke Graduate School GRE Test Requirement

A Notice About GRE Test Requirements

We have asked the Duke Graduate School for guidance in light of GRE test center closures. We do not know if this requirement will be removed at this point.

Please notify if you are not able to take the GRE and still want to submit an application for admission. Our recommendation is that students apply to the program by submitting all other materials (application, essay, letters of recommendation, and transcripts).


Notice about GRE and TOEFL Test Requirements

Updated: March 19, 2020

ETS and the TOEFL program expect to offer a secure at home testing solution by the end of March for students who still need to take the GRE and/or a TOEFL English language proficiency exam. Please notify if you have note taken the GRE or TOEFL, but would like to submit an application to our program for Fall 2020.

Fri, Mar 06

Made-in-China Censorship for Sale

Chinese AI tools from tech giants like Alibaba make it easier to scrub online content—and anyone can buy them.

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