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Wed, May 20

The Great S&S Bakeoff

How has the S&S Staff team been passing the time while social distancing? With an excessive amount of baking…

Thu, Apr 30

The Coordinated Pandemic Response of Duke and Durham

As cities and states wrestle with decisions on when and how to reopen, leaders at Duke and in Durham discuss their early collaboration and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Thu, Mar 26

Care, Connection and Community: Investigating Health Access and Policy in Rural Madagascar

Last spring, master’s student Courtni France (Bioethics & Science Policy) received a Bass Connections Student Research Award to evaluate human health, sustainable agriculture programs and conservation in the region around Marojejy National Park in northeastern Madagascar…

Tue, Mar 24

Social media data could greatly aid in tracking COVID-19 worldwide

Privacy laws hinder technology companies from sharing social media and search data…

Mon, Mar 23

How to Unlock Telemedicine On Such a Large Scale

The rapid spread of coronavirus is quickly filling hospital beds and consuming the time and attention of medical professionals. And even as health officials issue warnings to stay home, many people must travel to get medical care and guidance.

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