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Find out what’s happening in Science & Society around the world. Discover changes to science policy and law, new scientific study results, Supreme Court rulings, debates about nature versus nurture, and news about the sharing of genetic information.

Wed, Mar 17

Scientists Plan to Drop the 14-Day Embryo Rule

As technology for manipulating embryonic life accelerates, researchers want to get rid of their biggest stop sign.

Tue, Mar 16

Biden’s Big Science Challenge: Increasing Public Trust

Local engagement, not top-down technocracy, is the way to build acceptance of STEM policy

Mon, Mar 15

So What Can People Actually Do after Being Vaccinated?

It’s complicated; not even the experts agree

Thu, Mar 04

DNA Databases Need Diversity for Genetic Research to Help All People

DNA databases are too white, so genetics doesn’t help everyone. How do we fix that?

Sun, Feb 28

How to Make ‘Immunity Passports’ More Ethical

Requirements that travelers be vaccinated must be implemented in a humanitarian way

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