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Find out what’s happening in Science & Society around the world. Discover changes to science policy and law, new scientific study results, Supreme Court rulings, debates about nature versus nurture, and news about the sharing of genetic information.

Sat, Dec 28

Social Media and the 2020 Elections, Part 1 of 3

How will social media affect the 2020 elections? We talk with three experts: Matt Perault of Duke University, Prof. Kathleen Stanberry of Elon University, and Prof. Joseph Cabosky of UNC Chapel Hill.

Mon, Dec 09

Automation is 2020’s Least Understood Issue

Automation is one of the big sleeper issues of the 2020 presidential campaign. Most candidates aren’t focusing on it by name, even though it profoundly shapes key themes in the race: the U.S. economy, jobs and friction between the haves and have-nots.

Sun, Nov 17

Four Ways to Fix Social Media’s Political Ads Problem — Without Banning Them

Twitter announced the details of its new political advertising policy on Friday, and once it goes into effect this month, politicians won’t be able to run false ads on Twitter. But they also won’t be able to run ads that correct the spread of misinformation.

Tue, Nov 05

Ethical research — the long and bumpy road from shirked to shared

From all too scarce to professionalized, the ethics of research is now everybody’s business, argues Sarah Franklin in the sixth essay in a series on how the past 150 years have shaped science, marking Nature’s anniversary.

Wed, Aug 28

Facebook Updates Their Policies Regarding Ads About Social Issues, Elections, or Politics in the US

Today, we’re sharing additional steps we’re taking to protect elections and prepare for the US 2020 election. Those steps include strengthening the authorization process for US advertisers, showing people more information about each advertiser and updating our list of social issues in the US to better reflect the public discourse on and off Facebook.

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