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Mon, Jun 01

Coronavirus Conversations: How The Electric Power Sector is Weathering The Pandemic

Virtual Meeting     12:30 PM



Co-Hosted by


The Nicholas Institute For Environmental Policy Solutions  




The Duke Energy Initiative


Monday June 1, 2020 12:30 PM (EDT), Zoom

The electric power sector is facing major operational challenges as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Traditional fossil-fuel fired electric power plants have taken extraordinary steps to maintain staff availability in the shadow of contagion. Still, in late March, the EPA suspended enforcement of much of its air and water discharge requirements for electric power facilities unable to comply due to COVID-19-related staffing concerns. At the same time, distributed energy saw over 15% of its workforce furloughed, and new installations slowed or stopped, due to stay-at-home orders.

Join Duke Science & Society and a panel of Duke University and industry experts as they discuss how the electric power sector is weathering these challenges—and what the impact might be for the energy transition.

Hosted by The Duke University Initiative for Science and Society, The Duke University Energy Initiative, and the Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions.


Panelists :

Kate Konschnik, J.D. Director, Climate & Energy Program at the Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions at Duke University, Senior Lecturing Fellow at Duke Law School

Michael D Smith, J.D. Senior Vice President, Distributed Energy, Constellation



Sarah Rispin Sedlak, J.D.  Duke Science & Society Instructor, Scilpol.org Lead – Energy


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This virtual event series is open to the public. Press covering the coronavirus outbreak are welcome to attend. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates.

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Coronavirus Conversations: A new, virtual event series from Duke Science & Society


As we practice social distancing, engage in online learning, and work remotely we are burdened with questions about how this pandemic is affecting our lives, the lives of those we love, and the society we are a part of. Over the course of this event series faculty and staff from Duke Science and Society will join academics, lawmakers, students, researchers, doctors, and others to shed some light on the events happening around us and what life will start to look like moving forward.

We will have moderated, casual lunch-time discussions with brief Q&A held via Zoom chat.

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