Nita Farahany, PhD, JD

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Research Areas

Genome Ethics
 Behavior Genetics Genetic Testing Law & Genetics Personalized Genomics

Health & Medicine
 Clinical Care & Ethics Drug, Device, and Diagnostic Dev. Health & Well Being Health Care Financing Medical Research & Ethics Health Policy

Law, Policy, & Science
 Criminal Law Environmental Policy Intellectual Property Policy & Health Science Policy

Neuroscience & Society
 Addiction & Mental Health Emotion, Memory, & Decision-Making Law & Neuroscience Neuroethics Neurohumanities Neuroscience Outreach

Engineering & Technology
 Biomedical Engineering Engineering Outreach Genetic Engineering Structural & Environmental Engineering

Social & Humanistic Studies of Science
 Anthropology Gender & Sexuality Information, Communication, & Outreach Philosophy of Science


 Addiction Animals Children Communication Crime Decision-making End of life Energy Engineering Environment/Ecology Ethics Evolution Food Gender Genomics Global Health

 Health/Medicine Health/Illness History Human Behavior Language Law Media Neuroscience Outreach/Education Philosophy Psychology Race/Ethnicity Religion, Theology, & Spirituality Science & Technology Studies Sexuality

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