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Sun, Oct 05

Killer Robots + Ancient Rules of War = Trouble

Can replacing human soldiers with robot warriors save lives and make war more humane? As we learn, the laws of war are not written in computer code. Modern warfare is not ready for killer robots that “decide” without human input.

We hear from the people making the robots as they show off their lethal products. We meet a former fighter pilot who touts the values of automation and likes lawyers sitting side by side with soldiers. Several experts tell us about the terrifying moral risks of letting machines think too far ahead of people in battle. We learn there could be lives to be saved, war could be made less atrocious if – and it is a huge if – the technology can advance side by side with the antiquated laws. In the end, we hear from the activists who want autonomous lethal weapons banned before they march on the enemy. A U.N. body has just begun to consider it.

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