How Mission Orientations, Ethical Beliefs, And Ownership Structures Have Shaped The Growth Of Companies And Their Impacts On The World.

Ginkgo Bioworks has three permanent ownership values: mission obsession, caring about how our platform is built and used, and ownership.

The team will explore how mission orientations, ethical beliefs, and ownership structures have shaped the growth of Ginkgo Bioworks and other companies and their impacts on the world. The team will also research the ownership structure of biotechnology and biopharmaceutical companies internationally to explore how their ownership structure influences company governance, as well as product development and commercialization.

Examples of important comparisons we would like to explore include: the degree to which corporations are state-owned, foundation-controlled, and public/private; corporations’ approach to intellectual property and commercialization strategies; corporations’ approaches to future-oriented R&D. The team will also incorporate analysis of how relevant laws and regulations limited or encouraging certain ownership schemes have been developed.


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