Methodology to Analyze Data Coming from Worldwide Consultations

An ad hoc group of high-level experts (AHEG) has been set up by UNESCO to prepare the draft text of a recommendation on the ethics of neurotechnology. A series of global, regional, and national consultations will be launched between May and August to capture the comments and views of a wide range of key stakeholders. An online platform will be designed to enable the widest possible outreach. These inputs will help the AHEG finalize its text by September before we move to the intergovernmental process.

The project will focus on designing and applying an AI-driven approach to enable tagging and analyzing qualitatively and quantitatively all the comments received and facilitate the processing and analysis of the comments by the AHEG. The researchers will work on designing the most appropriate AI-driven approach or coding system and will deliver an aggregated analysis of all comments by category and relevance. The comments will be indexed to the different sections of the text drafted by the AHEG group.

Project Teams