Find COURSES across campus at the intersection of science and society.

Duke University offers a variety of courses at the intersection of science and society. The courses below include undergraduate, graduate, and professional courses.

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AAAS 169. Pigging Out: The Cultural Politics of Food
AAAS 241. Gender, Race and Ethnicity, and Ethnicity in Politics and Public Policy
AAAS 248. Psychology of Ethnicity and Context
AAAS 251. Anthropology of Race
AAAS 260. US Health Disparities
AAAS 159S/261S. Race, Genomics, and Society
AAAS 242S. Race, Gender, and Sexuality
AAAS 341S. Race in Durham
AAAS 545S. Race, Racism, and Democracy
AAAS 548S. Poverty, Inequality, and Health
AAAS 660. Variation in the African Diaspora
AMES 286S. Buddhism and Sexuality
BA 925. Behavioral Decision Theory
BIO 150. Biology and Aging: The Quest for a Foundation of Youth
BIO 151. Role of Trees in Urban Environments
BIO 152. Life’s Beginnings
BIO 153. Ecosystem Health and Human Well-Being
BIO 154. AIDS and Other Emerging Disease
BIO 156. Genetics, Genomics, and Society: Implications for the 21st Century
BIO 158. Plants and Human Use
BIO 228. Food and Fuel for a Growing Population: Nuts and Bolts of Plant Growth and Production
BIO 255. Philosophy of Biology
BIO 262. People, Plants and Pollution: Introduction to Urban Environments
BIO 321. Primate Sexuality
BIO 554. Genomic Perspectives on Human Evolution
BIO 172S/261S. Ecosystem Ecology for a Crowded Planet
BIO 180FS. Global Diseases
BIO 210FS. Genomes, Biology, and Medicine
BIO 255. Philosophy of Biology
BIO 270A. Conservation Biology and Policy
BIO 278S/567S. Genetic Basis of Behavior
BIO 350. Complex Traits and Evolutionary Genetics
BIO 554. Genomic Perspectives on Human Evolution
BIO 555S. Problems in the Philosophy of Biology
BIO 89S. Politics of Evolution
BIO 93FCS. Biodiversity: Human Impacts Versus the Forces of Nature
BIO 417S. Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
BIO 627. Molecular Ecology
BIOETHIC 282. Science, Ethics, & Democracy
BIOETHIC 502. Communicating Science & Bioethics
BIOETHIC 601S. Foundations of Bioethics & Science Policy
BIOETHIC 602S. Law, Research and Bioethics
BIOETHIC 603S. Clinical Bioethics and Policy
BIOETHIC 605S. Contemporary Issues in Bioethics and Science Policy
BIOETHIC 606S. Activism and Advocacy Among Patients and Research Participants
BIOETHIC 607. Introduction to Genetics and Genomics
BIOETHIC 700. Research Independent Study in Bioethics and Science Policy
BIOETHIC 701. Introduction to Research Methodology in Bioethics & Science Policy
BIOETHIC 702. Science Communication for Scientists
BIOETHIC 704. Science Law and Policy
BIOETHIC 705. Capstone: Bioethics & Science Policy
BME 562. Biology by Design
BSP 301B. Research in Behavioral Neuro Study Program
CBB 612. Ethics and Policy in Genomics (Responsible Genomics)
CEE 315 . Engineering Sustainable Design and the Global Community
CHEM 180. Chemistry Outreach: Sharing Chemistry with the Community
CLST 366. Inventing Sickness: The Science and Practice of Medicine in Ancient Greece
CSTP 253. Responsible Conduct of Research
CULANTH 227. Anthropology and Psychology
CULANTH 340. Anthropology and Public Policy
CULANTH 190F. Special Topics in Focus: Culture and Mind
CULANTH 191ES/419S. Global Environmentalism and the Politics of Nature
CULANTH 218S. Anthropology and Global Health
CULANTH 238S. Politics of Food: Land, Labor, Health, and Economics
CULANTH 309S. Food and the Body
CULANTH 323S. Fundamentals of Global Mental Health
CULANTH 395AS. Environment, Health, and Development in China
CULANTH 396AS. Health Policy in Transition: Challenges for China
CULANTH 611S. Global Mental Health
DIV 180. Pastoral Care and Women
DIV 807. Introduction to Medical Ethics
DOCST 249S. Environmental Conservation and Documentary Photography
DOCST 353A. Views of Environmental Change: Documentary Research in Natural Resource Management
DOCST 615S. Environmental Issues and the Documentary Arts
ECON 246. Global Health Supply, Organization, and Financing
ECON 439. Economics of the Environment
ECON 446. Economics of Global Health
ECON 462. Behavioral Economics
EGR 260. Global Disasters: Science and Policy
EGR 350S. Ethics in Professions: Scientific, Professional, and Organizational Frameworks
ENERGY 239. Our Changing Atmosphere: From Air Pollution to Climate Change
ENERGY 364. Green Germany: World Leader in Environment & Policy
ENERGY 406. Israel Experience: Environment, Science, Technology, and Innovation
ENERGY 635. Energy Economics and Policy
ENERGY 891. Topics in Environmental Regulation
ENGLISH 295. Language and Society
ENGLISH 219A. Science and Nature Writing: Naturalist Narratives, Classic to Contemporary
ENGLISH 219S. Scientific Writing
ENRGYEGR 625. Energy, Markets and Innovation
ENRGYENV 626. Modeling and Analysis for Environmental Sustainability
ENVIRON 102. Introduction to Environmental Sciences and Policy
ENVIRON 201. Integrating Environmental Sciences and Policy
ENVIRON 212. United States Environment & Policy
ENVIRON 221. Environment as Community
ENVIRON 276. Denial, Faith, Reason: Sustainability and Survival
ENVIRON 345. Environmental Politics in the United States
ENVIRON 538. Environmental Health
ENVIRON 577. Environmental Politics
ENVIRON 590. Special Topics: Climate Change Economics & Policy
ENVIRON 642. Air Pollution: From Sources to Health Effects
ENVIRON 755. Community-based Environmental Management
ENVIRON 774. One Health: From Philosophy to Practice
ENVIRON 782. Foundations of Environmental Entrepreneurship
ENVIRON 798. Communicating Outside the Box: Effective Science Communications and Research Translation Skills
ENVIRON 816. International Climate Change Negotiations Practicum
ENVIRON 841. Ecological perspectives: Individuals to communities
ENVIRON 855. International Environmental Law
ENVIRON 986. Environmental Ethics and Advocacy
ENVIRON 129/282A. Environmental Science and Policy of the Tropics
ENVIRON 190S. Special Topics in Environmental Sciences and Policy
ENVIRON 210D. Conserving the Variety of Life on Earth
ENVIRON 214S. Ethical Challenges in Environmental Conservation
ENVIRON 216S. Environment and Conflict: the Role of the Environment in Conflict and Peacekeeping
ENVIRON 253S. Urban Environmental Design
ENVIRON 275SA. Global Fisheries Conflicts: Exploring Local and Global Economic, Ecological, and Social Impacts
ENVIRON 281A. Conservation and Management of Protected Areas in South Africa
ENVIRON 283A. Hollywood and the Environment: Exploring the Human Connection with Nature through Film
ENVIRON 364S. Science and the Media
ENVIRON 365D. The Modern Regulatory State
ENVIRON 366SA. The Economics of the Energiewende in Germany
ENVIRON 533A Marine Fisheries Policy
ENVIRON 580A. Green Futures: Exploring Environmental, Economic, and Social Sustainability
ENVIRON 590A. International Law of the Sea
ENVIRON 637S. Population and Environmental Dynamics Influencing Health
ENVIRON 725S. Protected Areas, Tourism, and Development
ENVIRON 786A. Marine Policy (A)
ENVIRON 820S. Conservation Ethics
ETHICS 265. Applied and Environmental Ethics
ETHICS 269. Neuroethics
EVANTH 101. Introduction to Evolutionary Anthropology
EVANTH 180. Natural History of Humans: The Evolution of our Anatomy, Physiology and Behavior
EVANTH 220. Human Evolution
EVANTH 230. Bodies of Evidence: Introduction to Forensic Anthropology
EVANTH 246. Sociobiology
EVANTH 580. Ethics in Evolutionary Anthropology
EVANTH 221S. The Ape-Human Transition
EVANTH 240S. Partnering and Parenting: An interdisciplinary Approach to the Study of Human Relationship
EVANTH 285D. Human Health in Evolutionary Perspective
EVANTH 363S. Evolution of Primate Social Cognition
EVANTH 385D. Primate Disease Environment/Ecology and Global Health
EVANTH 560S. Primate Cognition: Genius of Dogs
FOCUS 195FS. Cognitive Neuroscience and Law
FOCUS 195FS. Ethics, Leadership, Global Citizen
FOCUS 195FS. Exploring the Mind
FOCUS 195FS. Genomes in our Lives
FOCUS 195FS. Knowledge in Service of Society
GENOME 118FS. The Secrets of Life: DNA, Property Rights and Human Identity
GENOME 159. Past and Future of the Human Genome
GENOME 205. Science and Masculinity
GENOME 238S. Influential Scientists and Policy Leaders in Science Policy
GENOME 248. Science and Policy of Obesity
GENOME 256. Genome Sciences and Society
GENOME 268S. Law and Genomic Sciences
GENOME 293/294. Research Independent Study Genome Sciences
GENOME 498S. Genome Sciences & Policy Capstone
GENOME 508S. Global Health & Genomics
GERMAN 320A. Environment & Policy in Europe: Duke in Berlin
GLHLTH 212. Gender, Poverty, and Health
GLHLTH 225. Food, Farming, and Feminism
GLHLTH 261. Health Communication
GLHLTH 303. Global Health Systems and Policy
GLHLTH 323. Trauma and Global Mental Health in Haiti
GLHLTH 340. Social Determinants of US Health Disparities
GLHLTH 390. Women’s Health Technologies
GLHLTH 538. Global Environmental Health: Economics and Policy
GLHLTH 730. Health Economics: Supply
GLHLTH 740. Ethics for Global Health Research
GLHLTH 750. Health Systems in Developing Countries
GLHLTH 174D. Introduction to the History of Medicine, Science and Technology
GLHLTH 302S. Global Narratives of Living with HIV/AIDS
GLHLTH 321T. Medical Anthropology
GLHLTH 322S. End of Life in Russia and US
GLHLTH 341S. Ethics of Global Infectious Disease Control
GLHLTH 373S. Global Health Service, Research, and Ethics
GLHLTH 390S. Special Topics in Global Health Studies: Religion & Medicine in Asia
GLHLTH 533S. Water Cooperation and Conflict
GLHLTH 670S. Global Nutrition: Over and Undernutrition in Developing Countries
HISTORY 303. Rise of Modern Science: Eighteenth to the Twentieth Century
HISTORY 304. Rise of Modern Science: Twentieth Century
HISTORY 369. History of Public Health in America
HISTORY 371. Feast and Famine: Food in Global History
HISTORY 190FS. Drought and Cross-Border Crisis (Focus program course)
HISTORY 260D. Magic, Religion, and Science since 1400
HISTORY 264D. The History of Emotions
HISTORY 313D. Crime and the City from Dickens to the Wire
HISTORY 345D. North American Environmental History
HISTORY 390S. Brain, Self, and Society
HLTHMGMT 716. Management of Health Systems and Policy
HUMANDEV 260. Psychosocial Aspects of Human Development
LAW 140. Criminal Law
LAW 208G. Bioethics and the Law
LAW 234. Energy, Environment & Law
LAW 235. Environmental Law
LAW 245. Evidence
LAW 298. Ocean and Coastal Law and Policy
LAW 301. AIDS and the Law
LAW 309. Children and the Law
LAW 320. Water Resources Law
LAW 333. Science Law & Policy
LAW 338. Animal Law
LAW 345. Gender and Law
LAW 347. Health Care Law and Policy
LAW 364. Global Health
LAW 366. Advanced Issues in Wrongful Convictions
LAW 368. Natural Resources Law
LAW 369. Patent Law and Policy
LAW 444. Environmental Law & Policy
LAW 520. Climate Change and the Law
LAW 527. Access to Medicines: Intellectual Property and Global Public Health
LAW 529. Genetics & the Law
LAW 555. International Environmental Law
LAW 584. Genetics and Reproductive Technologies
LAW 587. Race and Ethnicity and the Law
LAW 593. Sexuality and the Law
LAW 598. Environmental Law in Historical Perspective
LAW 636. Food Law & Sustainability: The Local Food Movement
LAW 705. Bioethics and Health Law
LAW 736. Advanced Issues in Children and Family Law
LAW 774. Taboo Trades and Forbidden Exchanges
LINGUIST 208. Philosophy of Mind
LINGUIST 209. Philosophy of Language
LINGUIST 510. Brain and Language
LINGUIST 211FS. Neuroscience and Reading
LINGUIST 212FS. Law, Ethics and Responsibility
LINGUIST 216FS. Neuroscience and Human Language
LINGUIST 473S. Neuroscience and Multilingualism
LIT 390. Special Topics in Literature. Bodies and Selves
LIT 142S. Cultures of New Media
LSGS 106. Health, Culture, and the Latino Community
MATH 181. Math Everywhere: Mathematical Concepts and Reasoning in our Modern World
MEDHUM 301B. Research in Medical Humanities
NEUROSCI 258. Decision Neuroscience
NEUROSCI 281. Neuro Approaches to Social Behavior
NEUROSCI 360. Drugs, Brain and Behavior
NEUROSCI 751. Neuroscience Bootcamp
NEUROSCI 153FS. Drugs and the Law
NEUROSCI 555S. Philosophy of Mind: Advanced Intro to Phil Mind
NURSING 562. Applied Genomics and Personalized Medicine in Clinical Care
NURSING 563. Trends in Genetics and Genomics for Health Care and Society
PASTCARE 246. Theology and Trauma
PASTCARE 764. Theology and Health in a Therapeutic Culture
PASTCARE 802. Pastoral Care in the Hospital and Hospice
PASTCARE 805. Suffering and Dying in Cross-Cultural Contexts
PASTCARE 810. Theology, Mental Health, and Human Flourishing
PHIL 218. Philosophical Issues in Medical Ethics
PHIL 281. Global Bioethics
PHIL 314. Philosophy of Biology
PHIL 411. Philosophy of Time and Space
PHIL 198FS. Puzzles of the Mind: Humans, Animals, and Machines
PHIL 232A. The Cognitive Science of Religion and Morality
PHIL 385AS. Science, Ethics, and Society
PHIL 539S. Race and Ethnicity Theory: Biological Classification and Moral Implications
PHIL 541S. Historical and Philosophical Perspectives on Science
PHIL 692S. Bioethics
PHIL 950S. Neurophilosophy
PSY 106. Biological Bases of Behavior: Introduction and Survey
PSY 221. Personality
PSY 250. Myths and Mysteries of Memory
PSY 257. Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience
PSY 739. Ethical Issues in Research and Clinical Practice
PSY 110R. Alcohol: Brain, Society, and Individual
PSY 340S. Educational Neuroscience
PSY 629S. Social Behavior and Personality
PSY 667S. Learning and Cognition in Humans, Animals, and Robots
PSY 668S. Everyday Cognition
681S. Genetics and Environment in Abnormal Behavior
PSY 759S. Principles in Cognitive Neuroscience I
PSY 760S. Principles in Cognitive Neuroscience II
PSY 780S. Foundations of Behavioral & Computational Neuroscience
PUBPOL 110. Information, Society & Culture: Bass Connections Gateway
PUBPOL 165. Introduction to the United States Health Care System
PUBPOL 372. Information, Policy, and Ethics
PUBPOL 816. Ethics and Policy-Making
PUBPOL 902. Ethics of Public Policy
PUBPOL 183FS. Genome and the Internet: Growing Up Together
PUBPOL 227S/268. Animals and Ethics
PUBPOL 233S. Influential Scientists and Policy Leaders in Science Policy
PUBPOL 286S. Science and Technology Policy
PUBPOL 302D. Policy Choice as Value Conflict, Ethics and Policy-Making
PUBPOL 493A. Duke in Washington, DC
PUBPOL 583S. US Energy Security
PUBPOL 590S. Advanced Topics in Public Policy: State & Environmental Pol
PUBPOL 590S. Advanced Topics in Public Policy: Biology in Public Discourse
PUBPOL 590S. Cancer and the Genome
PUBPOL 590S. Gene Stories: Law, Medicine, and Narrative in Genetic Testing
PUBPOL 640S. Value for Money in Health Care
PUBPOL 641S. Cancer in Our Lives: Film, Narrative, Fiction, History and Politics
RELIGION 287. Religion and Science: Biology, Minds, and Souls
RELIGION 895. Ethics and Medicine
RELIGION 161U/281A. Science of Religion
SOCIOL 180S. Society, the Self, and the Natural World
SOCIOL 641S. Proseminar in Medical Sociology
VMS 172. Artificial Life, Culture, and Evolution
VMS 245. Espionage, Cryptology, Psyops (LEC)
VMS 380S. Digital Cities
WOMENST 205. Science and Masculinity
WOMENST 163S. Interpreting Bodies: Identity and Beyond
WOMENST 290S. Science & Literature of Reproduction
XTIANETH 210. Death, Resurrection, and Care at the End of Life
XTIANETH 761. Illness, Suffering, and the Witness of the Church
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