Earn an undergraduate or graduate CERTIFICATE at the intersection of Science & Society.

These certificates are offered by departments and institutes across campus and fall at the intersection of science and society.

Science & Society Undergraduate Certificate. The Science & Society Certificate is an undergraduate, interdisciplinary course of study that integrates science with its relationship to society.

History and Philosophy of Science, Technology, and Medicine Graduate Certificate. The History and Philosophy of Science, Technology and Medicine (HPSTM) is an interdisciplinary graduate certificate program at Duke University designed to complement and enrich the curricula of graduate students studying English, history, philosophy, science, engineering, medicine, or other disciplines.

Information Science & Information Studies Undergraduate Certificate. The Information Science and Information Studies (ISIS) Undergraduate Certificate program offers students an interdisciplinary approach to study the nature of information and its impact on art, culture, science, commerce, society, and the environment.

Information Sciences & Information Studies Graduate Certificate. The purpose of the ISIS Graduate Certificate is to offer an interdisciplinary program at the graduate level that focuses on the study and creation of new information technologies and the analysis of their impact on art, culture, science, medicine, commerce, society, and the environment. The program is designed for doctoral students wishing to complement their primary disciplinary focus with an interdisciplinary certificate in Information Science and Information Studies.

Policy Journalism & Media Studies Undergraduate Certificate. The Policy Journalism and Media Studies Certificate addresses the needs of students preparing for careers in media policy, journalism, or associated professions, as global communications enters into a period of rapid and profound change.

Philosophy of Biology Graduate Certificate. The Duke Center for the Philosophy of Biology offers a formal interdisciplinary graduate certificate in the philosophy of biology. The program which draws upon course work and faculty from departments of biology and philosophy, as well as from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University. It is designed to enable students with substantial backgrounds in one of the two disciplines to learn about the major issues that animate research and scholarship on the intersections between biology and philosophy.