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200 Years of Frankenstein: Literature as a Lens for Science and Society, Past and Present


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Class of ’18

TED Talks & Podcasts

A Medical Miracle
Looking for Life on Mars
Brain Code
Caring at CAARE



The Clump Fellows
The Huang Fellows bond, grow closer, and “clump” together through a team-building experience.

Should I be a Doctor?
The inaugural lecturer for the 2018 Huang Fellows, Ray Barfield, kicks off the series by challenging our views on what it means to be a doctor and deepening our perspective on human mortality.

A Marriage of Science and Art
The Huang Fellows take a tour into the bowels of the North Carolina Museum of Art – the Conservation Center – and learn about how art conservation comes alive by science.

Consciousness & Uncertainty
A reflection on Dr. Nita Farahany’s Lecture.

Removing the “I” from Science
While preparing for the Science Kits for Kids competition, the Huang Fellows find that combining their skill sets benefits the end result.

Is Social Media the New Water?
The Huang Fellows takes sides in the debate on whether social media should be regulated like a public utility.


Class of ’17

TED Talks & Podcasts

Curing Cancer in Women Worldwide
Putting the M in STEM



Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Truth
In an age where texts and email dominate conversation, the Huang Fellows gain valuable public speaking experience through mini-TED talks!

Luck and the Nobel Laureate
From failed scientist to Nobel Laureate, Dr. Robert Lefkowitz recounts his journey during the 2017 Huang Fellows summer programming culmination event.

First in Flight
A planned beach trip to the Outer Banks leads to an impromptu visit to the Wright Brothers National Memorial and an inspiring look into how a local community took part in the science of flight.

Working Together
Low ropes, rubber organs, and blind dodgeball make for great momentary team-building exercises, but what are the lasting effects for the 2017 class of Huang Fellows?

Are You Smarter Than a 4th Grader?
While developing their Science Kits for Kids, the Huang Fellows learn that knowing and communicating science are two very different skills.

A Tiger by the Tail
Perpetuating an alluring myth may help support tiger conservation efforts by keeping them in the public eye, but are the costs worth it?

What Does It Mean To Be An Entrepreneur?
The 2017 class of Huang Fellows visit the Duke Innovation & Entrepreneurship’s Bullpen to discuss what it means to be an entrepreneur.

Back From Extinction
The Huang Fellows take sides in the debate on whether or not to bring extinct species back to life.

When is Life Worth Saving?
A discussion on art conservation leads to difficult questions in medicine and end of life care.


Class of ’16

TED Talks & Podcasts

Brain Defense in the Courtroom
Coal Miner’s Daughter
A Clean Needle in a Haystack



Expanding the Collective Voice For Health Equity & Access
Diversity within Asian & Pacific Islander American subgroups poses unique healthcare challenges. Building a strong community and better collaboration are key at the 2017 Pacific Islander American Health Forum.