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Class of 2023 Huang Fellows Summer Reflections

That One Time I Put My Trust Into Some Rope and a Carabiner – Vivian Apple learns about courage and self-acceptance while tackling a challenging high ropes course.

Another Not So Safe Haven – Amelie Finn discusses the impacts of new state-level abortion laws, the deceptive practices of Crisis Pregnancy Centers, and her concerns of a pre-med student navigating these complexities.

The Power of Humbleness: Learning to Listen to Yourself and Others – Anne Sacks recounts Dr. Mohamed Noor’s journey in academia, emphasizing the importance of passion in one’s career, humility, and active listening, which the author, an aspiring physician, aims to apply in their studies, research, and future medical practice.

“Oh My God We Should Start a Podcast” – Noelia Piedra discusses the potential of podcasts in improving science communication and trust.

A Failed Line of Communication? – Emily Wang discusses the disconnect between science, medicine, law, and politics in the context of abortion legislation, highlighting the communication failures and complexities that arise when political interests overshadow medical expertise and scientific evidence.

Nature’s Fabric and Forgotten Worlds – Jean Chung describes their visit to the Duke Lemur Center, observing various lemur species, learning about their evolutionary adaptations, nocturnal behavior, ecological roles, and the threats they face due to deforestation.

Do Meet Your Heroes – Amelie recounts her memorable experience of meeting Chris Beyrer, an accomplished global health expert, and learning about his impactful work combating infectious diseases, particularly HIV, with a focus on cultural sensitivity and human rights.

Let Your Passions Guide You and Seize the Opportunity!Victoria Ko reflects on Dr. Nita Farahany’s impactful, interdisciplinary career at the intersection of science, philosophy, law, and society.

Artistic Storytelling in Science Communication – Victoria Ko discusses the importance of science communication and techniques to actively engage an audience through creativity and storytelling.

How to be a Sage in Science: Nurturing Wisdom Through Insights – Inspired by the teachings of Dr. Waitzkin and the wisdom of Vedic philosophy, student Abhishek Karna embarks on a journey to become a Sage in science.

It’s (Not) Just Semantics: The Power of Words, No Matter How Few – Diya reflects on a career talk by Dr. John Blackshear at Duke University, highlighting the power and significance of words and names, the overcoming of personal challenges, and the importance of understanding and connecting with individuals beyond their traumas in the field of psychology and medicine.

Lessons from Dean Gary Bennett: Embracing Exploration and Advocacy to Drive Tangible Change – Aubteen Pour-Biazar finds inspiration in Dean Bennett’s humble approach, diverse career path, and commitment to societal impact, solidifying his resolve to contribute to politics and policy.

Taking the Road Less Traveled – Pranav Mukund discusses Dr. Mark McClellan’s inspiring career choices, emphasizing the importance of taking unconventional paths and seeking diverse opportunities in healthcare.

Those Who Paved the Way – Celia Wasco’s discusses the role of patient advocacy in medical research, focusing on the impact of the ACT UP movement and the inclusion of patients’ voices in clinical research and drug development.

Building Our Own Tree of Life – Pranav Mukund reflects on Dean Lynch’s emphasis on diverse experiences.

Behind The Eyes – Vivian Apple reflects on art, science, and time through a centuries-old painting’s restoration.

From Explosions to Exploration: Unveiling the Impact of Science Kit Training -Nathan Maldonado reminisces about science kit training, highlighting communication, personal connections, and student backgrounds.

Would You Rather See a Surgeon Today, or in the 1700s? – Kristina Schaufele reflects on historical biases in medicine and the need to understand the past for progress in patient care and addressing disparities.

The Unopened Pandora’s Box: When Convenience Triumphs Privacy – Abhishek Karna remembers Prof. Ward’s chilling seminar on privacy versus convenience in our digital age.

Lab Stories, Laud Houses, and Last Meals: Podcasts in Science CommunicationDiya Patel reflects on the power of science communication in diverse themes and skills.

Food Boxes or Grocery Stores? Take your Pick! – Demi Wilson reflects on the profound impact of health inequities in society.

The Seductive Power of the Poster Child – Mahi Patel remembers using romantic metaphors to explain effective scientific poster presentations.

The Art of Ethics in Innovation – Anne Sacks explores the ethical complexities and personal cost of Oppenheimer’s atomic bomb innovation.

Beauty in the Commonplace -Anne Sacks remembers childhood curiosity’s value, as it enriches adult life and learning.

Optimism and Inner Callings: Reflection on Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Robert Lefkowitz – William Yan remembers Nobel Laureate Dr. Lefkowitz, emphasizing his career’s optimism and adaptability.

The Final Hoorah – Ali reflects on the summer experience as a new member of the Huang Fellows program, using the Duke Summer Research Showcase as an endpoint to 10 weeks of making memories and building experience as a novice researcher.

How do you feel about AI? -Ali Calloway comments on Dr. Michael Pencina’s journey, beginning a young Polish boy, dreaming to become a soccer commentator, to leading as a respected Vice Dean for Data Science and Director of AI Health at Duke University.

Class of 2022 Huang Fellows Summer Reflections

Not All Ideas are Good Ideas – Huang Fellow Adway Wadekar reflects on Dr. Jeff Baker’s talk on the “five big ideas that transformed medicine,” and science that didn’t consider its societal implications.

The Everlasting Impact of Hands-On Experience – Rylan Sensabaugh reflects on the lessons the Huang Fellows learned by creating their fourth-grade science kits.

AI Needs You – Freya Gulamali reflects on Jeff Ward’s Seminar, “Balancing Big Data: The Push and Pull of Competing Ethical Values.”

Working Across Silos with Faith in a Better Future – Freya Gulamali reflects on the career talk of Dr. Mark McClellan, Director of the Margolis Center for Health Policy, and the steps he is taking to lead Margolis into the future.

The Future of Science – Meera Patel reflects on Dr. Susanne Haga’s talk on the potential for gene and genome science in the future.

Where the Wild Things Are (Not) – Reed Lessing reflects on the Huang Fellows’ recent visit to the Carolina Tiger Rescue.

Anatomy of a Talk – Grace Zhang reflects on Dr. Nita Farahany’s TedTalk Primer.

A Lesson in Academic Integrity – Amelia Costello discusses the importance of academic integrity, as learned from the seminar of Dr. Steve Nowicki.

The Everlasting Impact of Hands-On Experience – Rylan Sensanbaugh reflects on the lessons the Huang Fellows learned from presenting their fourth-grade science kits.

Finding Collaboration and Purpose in Science – Cathy Xiang
Cathy shares the lessons learned from the career talk of Dr. Jennifer Lodge.

Balancing Intention with Serendipity in Winning the Nobel Prize – Dev Shah
Dev reflects on the career talk of the Nobel Prize Winner, Dr. Robert Lefkowitz.

Addressing Global Health and Human Rights Issues – Elena Karas
Elena shares her excitement in reflecting on the career talk of the new head of DGHI, Dr. Chris Beyrer.

How Occam’s Razor is Dulled: Seeing the Science For What It Is – Cathy Xiang
Cathy reflects on the seminar given by Dr. Steve Nowicki, and how to see science for what it is.

10 Weeks in 5 Minutes – Stephany Perez-Sanchez
Stephany takes us inside the writing of her Ted Talk covering her Huang Fellows summer experience.

The Little Nudges We Made – Valerie Tan
Valerie reflects on the Huang Fellows Science Kits Presentations at Holt Elementary School.

Developing Podcasts to Share Science – Shun Sakai
Shun shows us what it takes to make a podcast that captures the feeling of being a Huang Fellow.

Who Makes Science Policy? – Grace Zhang
Grace reflects on the Huang Fellows seminar with Professor Buz Waitzkin.

A System in Turmoil – Nikhita Nanduri
Nikhita takes us into the dramatic world of science publishing with Dr. Misha Angrist.

An Enterprise Like No Other – Nikhita Nanduri
Nikhita shares the wisdom of Dr. Mohammed Noor, and what it means to truly live long and prosper.

The Courage in One’s Convictions – Velda Wang
Velda reflects on Dr. Sally Kornbluth’s career talk with the Huang Fellows.

Disclaimer: I’ve Always Thought Art Museums Were Kind of Boring – Valerie Yi Jie
Valerie takes us behind the scene’s with the Huang Fellows during their trip to the NC Museum of Art.

Beyond My Limits – Adway Wadekar
Adway reflects on his experience at the ropes course that his cohort completed (or in his case, didn’t).

Conservation and Natural Conditions – Aneesh Karuppur
Aneesh reflects on the Fellows’ recent visit to the Duke Lemur Center.

Still Evolving – Ayokunmi Ojo
Kunmi reflects on the tension between personal passion and choosing the “right” major.

Finding the Path Towards Your Calling – Maia Kotelanski
Maia reflects on Dr. Charmaine Royal’s career path.

The Power of Story – Ishaan Brar
Ishaan reflects on a seminar with Dr. Jeff Polish, a scientist turned master storyteller.

What Does It Really Mean To Do Research? – Meera Patel
Meera Patel reflects on the importance of community in research.

The Importance of Ethical Guidance for Scientific Research – Anika Vemulapalli
Anika reflects on a seminar with Dr. Nita Farahany on the conditions for ethical and unethical research.


Class of 2021 Huang Fellows Summer Reflections

The Universe’s Cue Ball: How the Huang Fellows Changed My Trajectory – Angela Huang
Huang Fellow Angela Huang reflects on her virtual summer experience.

A Non-Linear Model Of Education – Matthew Lee
Dr. Mark McClellan discusses the virtues of his non-traditional career path.

What Does Policy Mean to a Scientist? – Isabelle Sanz
Professor Buz Waitzkin discusses the importance of scientists who are policy-literate.

The Whole of the Journey is More Important Than its Parts – Emily Nagamoto
Dean Toddi Steelman shares with the Huang Fellows her journey and advice.

The Art of Making Life-Changing Decisions  – Grace Wei
Dr. R Sanders Williams discusses the importance of the decisions he made as a young student.

Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Robert Lefkowitz on his Keys to Success  – Sophia Leeman
Dr. Robert Lefkowitz shares his journey to the Nobel Prize with the Huang Fellows

Blurring the Boundaries of Science and Art – Amy Guan
The Huang Fellows virtually visit the North Carolina Museum of Art

The Role of a Mentor and Mentee – Sunggun Lee
Dean Ashby discusses the importance of mentors to her career in academia

Tigers, Cats, and All Life Deserve Respect – Emily Nagamoto
The Huang Fellows take a virtual visit to the Carolina Tiger Rescue

Occam’s Razor and the Virtue of Science – Ronit Sethi
Dr. Steve Nowicki reflects on the challenges and triumphs of being a scientist

The Dean Duke Was Looking For – Matthew Lee
Dean John Blackshear spoke to the Huang Fellows about overcoming discrimination

The Greatest Challenge Huang Fellows Face: Lab Science Kits for Fourth Graders – Anthony Saldago
Willow Alston-Socha teaches the Huang Fellows how to design accessible science experiments for 4th graders

Following Your Passions Rather Than Your Fears – Kaitlyn Lewers
Provost Sally Kornbluth, Ph.D. encourages the Huang Fellows to pursue their passions in life even if they disappoint the expectations of others

Rhyming Through History – Saajan Patel
Dr. Jeff Baker’s presents to the Huang Fellows on the history of pandemics

Keep it Simple, Make it Human – Clare Sparling
Dr. Jory Weintraub offers the Huang Fellows Insight into Scientific Communication

The Man with the Coolest Job in the Galaxy – Julia Leeman
Dr. Mohamed Noor is the Dean of Natural Sciences and Professor of Biology at Duke University. Here, Julia Leeman reflects on his visit with the Huang Fellows

Expanding My Perspective on Health – Amy Labrador
Dr. Ebony Boulware discusses the importance of addressing social determinants of health in her role as a physician

Don’t Be Afraid to Say You Don’t Understand – Sophia Leeman
Dr. Emily Bernhardt talks to the Huang Fellows on the importance of environmental conservation and the technology that is advancing the field

Chancellor Washington Visits the Huang Fellows – Reeva Kandel
Chancellor Eugene Washington, M.D. reflects on his career with the Huang Fellows

Ethical Challenges in Cutting Edge Research – Julia Davis
Dr. Nita Farahany, a neuroethicist and bioethicist, and the Director of Science & Society, kicked off a new week for the Huang Fellows by discussing the ethics of creating human/monkey embryos.

Reflection on Conversation with Prof. Hank Greely about CRISPR – Gayatri Chintala
During the 2021 summer kickoff welcome event, Hank Greely welcomes the new Huang Fellows with a strange question: “What atrocities are we capable of committing in the name of science?”

Reflection on the 2021 Huang Fellows Symposium – Alaa Osman
Taking a look back at The Struggle Between Fact & Fiction: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on COVID-19 Vaccine Misinformation

Reflection on the 2021 Huang Fellows Symposium – Alex LaTrenta
Insights into Vaccine Hesitancy and COVID-19 Misinformation


2021 Huang Fellows Symposium

The Struggle Between Fact & Fiction

2019 Huang Fellows Symposium

Science & Soc[AI]ty: How AI Will Change the World


Class of ’22

2020 Huang Fellows Summer Reflections

Read the reflections of our 2020 Huang Fellows.


Class of ’21

TED Talks & Podcasts

A Medical Miracle
Looking for Life on Mars
Brain Code
Caring at CAARE



The Clump Fellows
The Huang Fellows bond, grow closer, and “clump” together through a team-building experience.

Should I be a Doctor?
The inaugural lecturer for the 2018 Huang Fellows, Ray Barfield, kicks off the series by challenging our views on what it means to be a doctor and deepening our perspective on human mortality.

A Marriage of Science and Art
The Huang Fellows take a tour into the bowels of the North Carolina Museum of Art – the Conservation Center – and learn about how art conservation comes alive by science.

Consciousness & Uncertainty
A reflection on Dr. Nita Farahany’s Lecture.

Removing the “I” from Science
While preparing for the Science Kits for Kids competition, the Huang Fellows find that combining their skill sets benefits the end result.

Is Social Media the New Water?
The Huang Fellows takes sides in the debate on whether social media should be regulated like a public utility.


Class of ’20

TED Talks & Podcasts

Curing Cancer in Women Worldwide
Putting the M in STEM



Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Truth
In an age where texts and email dominate conversation, the Huang Fellows gain valuable public speaking experience through mini-TED talks!

Luck and the Nobel Laureate
From failed scientist to Nobel Laureate, Dr. Robert Lefkowitz recounts his journey during the 2017 Huang Fellows summer programming culmination event.

First in Flight
A planned beach trip to the Outer Banks leads to an impromptu visit to the Wright Brothers National Memorial and an inspiring look into how a local community took part in the science of flight.

Working Together
Low ropes, rubber organs, and blind dodgeball make for great momentary team-building exercises, but what are the lasting effects for the 2017 class of Huang Fellows?

Are You Smarter Than a 4th Grader?
While developing their Science Kits for Kids, the Huang Fellows learn that knowing and communicating science are two very different skills.

A Tiger by the Tail
Perpetuating an alluring myth may help support tiger conservation efforts by keeping them in the public eye, but are the costs worth it?

What Does It Mean To Be An Entrepreneur?
The 2017 class of Huang Fellows visit the Duke Innovation & Entrepreneurship’s Bullpen to discuss what it means to be an entrepreneur.

Back From Extinction
The Huang Fellows take sides in the debate on whether or not to bring extinct species back to life.

When is Life Worth Saving?
A discussion on art conservation leads to difficult questions in medicine and end of life care.


Class of ’19

TED Talks & Podcasts

Brain Defense in the Courtroom
Coal Miner’s Daughter
A Clean Needle in a Haystack



Expanding the Collective Voice For Health Equity & Access
Diversity within Asian & Pacific Islander American subgroups poses unique healthcare challenges. Building a strong community and better collaboration are key at the 2017 Pacific Islander American Health Forum.

2017 Profile of the Month Interviews

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