Research Areas

Researchers across Duke and its many disciplines study ethics in medicine and in the delivery of healthcare.

As scientific and technological advancement provide patients new understand of and control over their personal health, the relationship between physicians and patients dramatically changes. New technologies present profound advancements for modern medicine, but many present unique questions about individual privacy, spirituality, and human nature.

Duke physicians, nurses, philosophers, and technical, ethical, and legal scholars are exploring the ways technology is influencing healthcare and medical decisions and assessing the role of religion, spirituality, moral philosophy, and ethics in modern healthcare to improve the clinical experience for patients, families, and providers.

Participating Faculty

Representative Courses

  • Advanced Research Ethics (Philosophy)
  • Death, Resurrection, and Care at the End of Life (Religion)
  • Fundamentals of Global Mental Health (Global Health)
  • Global Bioethics (Ethics)
  • Global Mental Health (Global Health)
  • Illness, Suffering, and the Witness of the Church (Religion)
  • Introduction to Theological Bioethics (Religion)
  • Medicine and Theology (Religion)
  • Pastoral Care in Hospital and Hospice (Religion)
  • Suffering and Dying in Cross-Cultural Contexts (Religion, Pastoral Care)
  • Theology, Mental Health, and Human Flourishing (Religion)
  • Theology and Science (Religion)
  • Theology and Trauma (Religion)

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