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Research Areas

Research in this area encompasses all aspects of our environment-from food to oceans to health-and beyond.

Primarily located in the Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke’s environmental sciences and policy faculty study education, research, and service focused on understanding environmental processes, predicting and managing the effects of human activities, and developing approaches to study the interactions between environmental processes and human behavior.

Faculty engage with scientists, governments, industry leaders, conservation practitioners, and communities through the world to address critical issues like climate change, energy, water quality, ecosystem management and conservation, and human and environmental health.

Participating Faculty

Representative Courses

  • Human Impacts Versus the Forces of Nature (Biology)
  • Climate Change and the Law (Law)
  • Climate Change Economics & Policy (Environmental Science, Public Policy)
  • Community-Based Environmental Management (Environmental Science)
  • Environmental Law (Law)
  • Integrating Environmental Science And Policy (Environmental Science)
  • Field Course In Community-Based Environmental Management In Mexico (Environmental Science)
  • Making Environmental Decisions (Environmental Science)
  • Natural Resource Economics (Economics)
  • The Politics of Evolution (Biology)
  • Program Evaluations of Environmental Policies (Environmental Science)
  • Resource and Environmental Economics (Economics)
  • Sustainability and Renewable Resource Economics (Economics)
  • Topics in Environmental Regulation (Environmental Sciences)
  • United States Environmental Policy (Public Policy)