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Research Areas

Duke has cutting-edge research programs in the biological, social, and emotional causes of addiction and the comparative efficacy of treatment.

The Center on Addiction and Behavior Change (CABC) is the first university-based addiction center to offer basic and translational neurobiological research toward the prevention, early intervention, and treatment of addiction.

Current research projects at Duke focus on adolescence, to understand self-regulation and substance abuse, anti-craving mechanisms for alcohol and nicotine addiction, the effects of novel nicotinic compounds on cognition, and psychosocial interventions.

Participating Faculty

Representative Courses

  • Brain, Individual, and Society (Psychology)
  • Drugs, Brain, and Behavior (Neuroscience, Pharmacology)
  • Focused Topics in Toxicology (Environmental Science)
  • Seminar in Toxicology (Environmental Science)

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