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Research Areas

Gender and sexuality studies includes feminism, queer theory, gay history, sexual politics, and human rights.

Researchers in many departments, including English, Cultural Anthropology, and Women’s Studies explore issues in this field. The Program in the Study of Sexualities and the Women’s Studies Annual Research Initiative introduce sexuality as a subject of academic and scholarly investigation. These faculty study how economic and social theories change our way of describing human life on a global scale.

Participating Faculty

Representative Courses

  • Advanced Topics in Women’s Studies (Women’s Studies)
  • Clinical Issues for LGBTQ (Sexuality)
  • Interethnic Intimacies (Sexuality)
  • Money, Sex, Power (Women’s Studies)
  • Nature, Culture, And Gender (Women’s Studies)
  • Race, Gender, And Sexuality (Sexuality)
  • Science & Literature of Reproduction (Women’s Studies)
  • Sexuality and Society (Sexuality)

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