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Fri, Jan 12

The mosquitoes that are fighting dengue and Zika

While killing insects would seem to be the best way of controlling the diseases they spread, some scientists are releasing more of the biting bug, re-engineered to stall epidemics.

Mon, Jan 08

Should AI decide who gets a kidney?

Duke University researchers are training artificial intelligence to make organ donation decisions.

Tue, Dec 05

How Criminal Courts Are Putting Brains—Not People—on Trial

Dr. Nita Farahany, Professor of Law & Philosophy and Director of the Duke Initiative for Science & Society, discusses the use of neurobiology in criminal cases.

Wed, Nov 22

4 ways Tesla’s electric truck announcement could change our roads

SciPol lead editor and senior research scientists with Duke Robotics, Dr. Michael Clamann, weighs in on Tesla’s reveal of their new electric semi-truck. How will this technology change the truck driving industry and are there regulatory and security concerns that need to be addressed?

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Mon, Nov 20

Problem Solving Buffers The Brain Against Anxiety, Suggests New Study

When it comes to managing anxiety, science just lent more credibility to the advice to “stay busy.” Engaging the brain to stay busy with problem-solving appears to be an effective buffer against debilitating anxiety, especially in those prone to the worst of the condition, according to a new brain imaging study from Duke University researchers.

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