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Sat, Jan 27

GM faces lawsuit after crash between motorcyclist and self-driving Chevy Bolt

The suit claims Cruise Automation vehicle made an abrupt lane change and injured a man riding behind.

Thu, Jan 25

Researchers clone the first primates from monkey tissue cells

Zhong Zhong and Hua Hua, monkeys born ten days apart at the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Neuroscience in Shanghai, are exact clones of each other.

Fri, Jan 19

What a U.S. Government Shutdown Would Mean for Science

The National Institutes of Health would stop processing grants, but astronauts in space would keep working.

Sat, Nov 25

This Outdated Law Makes CRISPR Illegal in Canada—and That’s Hurting Science

Canada is among the few countries in the world where genetically engineering human embryos isn’t just illegal, doing so could land you behind bars.

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Mon, Oct 30

Scientists And Surgeons Team Up To Create Virtual Human Brain Cells

Scientists in Seattle have created three-dimensional computer reconstructions of living human brain cells by studying tissue that is usually discarded during surgery.

Read the full article on NPR.

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