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Ethical Technology Practicum

Develop your strategic leadership skills while fostering a deep understanding of technology and science ethics.

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Science, Technology, Ethics and Leadership

Are you ready to tackle the ethical challenges and enormous potential posed by emerging technology and science–from AI and quantum computing to synthetic biology, gene editing and robotics? Join our interdisciplinary course at Duke, where we bring together diverse teams of graduate and undergraduate students from Computer Science, Data Science, Philosophy, Business, Engineering and Public Policy to work on real-world technology and science problems sponsored by leading organizations such as OpenAI, SAS and the Department of the Army. This course is designed to develop your strategic leadership skills while fostering a deep understanding of technology and science ethics.

Interdisciplinary by design

This course is built both for technologists who want to understand science and technology’s impact on law, society, organizations, and ethics, and for students from business, policy, economics, law, and liberal arts backgrounds who want to deeply understand how we can shape emerging science and technology to reflect our values. Students will engage in real world projects for external problem sponsors, gaining invaluable experience and making a tangible impact on the future of technology, science and society. By collaborating across disciplines, you’ll learn to navigate the intersection of technology, science and ethics, crafting solutions that are not only innovative but also aligned with societal values.

The approach dives into the complexities of ethical decision-making, how to innovate responsibly, and learn and test the practical skills needed to lead in the ever-evolving tech landscape. This course takes inspiration from a 2024 talk on AI where the CEO of JP Morgan Asset and Wealth Management said, “If you are a CEO and you didn’t have someone who represented AI on your management team, sitting right next to you every day, preferably at the age of 27 or 28 who’s going to think about disrupting everything, you weren’t going to be able to make it.” This course seeks to build the leaders of the next decade and beyond.

This course is by permission only with approval granted by Dr. Sowers. Find this course on DukeHub by searching for the course “BIOETHICS 676”

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