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Mon, Mar 17

The Price of Haggling for Your Personal Data

The personal data you share via the Internet, mobile phone, and by simply living your life has economic value. While most discussions surrounding this data focus on privacy concerns, it’s critical to understand how the paradigm of Internet and mobile business models has established a precedent regarding our digital identities. Put simply, we’re cybersluts. While the valuation of the data representing our identities has never been higher, we share it with virtually anyone at any price. Right now, we don’t see this problem. Literally. It’s early days for augmented reality, in which devices placed over our eyes will become the lens through which we see the world. And it’s early days for facial recognition, in which our physical identity can trigger multiple digital actions. These technologies are themselves neither good nor evil, but within the next five to seven years, they will allow people, or businesses, to see any available information about our lives floating before their eyes. Read more.