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Tue, Oct 06

Immigration Projects Explore Biometrics, Mental Health and Deportation Issues

As one of the most important issues facing the U.S. and countries around the globe, immigration raises complex questions about identity, culture, economics, social services, health care and security.

Fri, Sep 04

Facebook’s Pre–Election Day Ban on Political Ads Will Likely Suppress Important Speech

On Thursday, Facebook announced a set of U.S. election season changes to political advertising and content moderation.

Wed, Sep 02

COVID-19, and the Costs of Big Data

TikTok’s illicit collection of user data recently drew fire from US officials. But TikTok’s base—largely young adults under 25—was unfazed. In viral videos posted in July and August, users expressed little concern about their digital privacy.

Thu, Jul 16

Did Cheating Actually Help the Houston Astros Win the World Series?

Dr. William Krenzer, faculty with Duke Science & Society and fellow social psychologist, Eric Splan, look at the data to see what effect it had on the Astros’ championship win.

Thu, Apr 30

The Coordinated Pandemic Response of Duke and Durham

As cities and states wrestle with decisions on when and how to reopen, leaders at Duke and in Durham discuss their early collaboration and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

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