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Sun, Oct 14

Humans Are Hardwired to Tell History in Stories. Neuroscience Tells Us Why We Get Them Wrong

We love stories. We’d like to have all our knowledge packaged in stories — narratives with plots that involve people (and animals) with reasons and motives, carrying out their aims and designs, in cooperation or conflict, succeeding or being thwarted.

Science comes hard to most of us because it can’t really take that form. Instead it’s equations, models, theories and the data that support them. But ironically, science offers an explanation of why we love stories.

Tue, Oct 02

Interdisciplinary Units Find FOCUS a Gateway to First-Year Students

During three decades of success as one of the signature undergraduate initiatives at Duke, the FOCUS program of first-year seminars has continued to struggle with one big challenge: How to enroll more students from the Pratt School of Engineering, which had been part of FOCUS at its beginning but had taken a five-year hiatus.

Wed, Sep 19

WATCH: What If: Smart Drugs Become as Common as Coffee?

At the World Economic Forum in Tianjin, China, Science & Society Director and Duke Law Professor Nita Farahany and other thought leaders gathered to discuss the use of smart drugs in our day to day lives.

Wed, Jul 11

Which Company Will Test the DNA of Separated Families?

And other unanswered questions about the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ new plan to reunite migrants separated at the border.

Mon, Jun 25

Family DNA Testing at the Border Would Be An Ethical Quagmire

“DNA can be useful to verify claimed relationships and for detecting human trafficking. And it should be used on the border, but only with parameters that protect that information from being used for secondary purposes,” says Sara Katsanis, who studies genetic testing policy at Duke.

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