Master of Arts in Bioethics & Science Policy

JD/MA Program

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We welcome students who wish to enroll in the joint Duke JD/MA program.

The JD/MA program enables students to obtain both a JD through Duke Law School and an MA in Bioethics & Science Policy in three years and one summer.

Duke JD/MA Program - In the Classroom

Students typically apply to the joint degree program during the first semester of their 1L year (application deadline October 15) and begin taking one or more MA courses during the second semester. During the summer after their 1L year, students undertake their capstone projects. Past students have done their capstones in general counsels’ offices, law firms, university legal offices, research institutes, corporations and non-profits.

Overall, students complete 12 graduate credits from the MA core curriculum, 75 Duke Law School credits (instead of the usual 87 credits for single degree students), 15 elective law credits from our JD/MA electives and 9 graduate credits for the capstone project.

How to apply to the JD/MA program:

  • Contact Duke Law School Admissions and request that your law school application be forwarded to us.
  • Complete the application for the MA in Bioethics & Science Policy through the graduate school, including the application form, the essays, and supplemental questions.
  • You will need to obtain three references (the law school does not retain copies of reference letters and the ones you submitted for the law school application will not be included in the materials forwarded to us).
  • Transcripts will be included in the law school dossier.
  • The Graduate School will waive the GRE requirement and accept LSAT scores.