Educational Opportunities

Participate in STUDENT GROUPS across Duke.

Get involved in bioethics workshops, genomic research, interdisciplinary innovation projects, science and education outreach programs, and policy discussions.



Duke Ethical Tech.
Ethical Tech is a nonpartisan initiative at Duke University focusing on research, education, and policy development across all industries and socioeconomic groups.

Tech Policy Club.
The club’s mission is to bring together graduate and professional students from across Duke to explore their common interests in technology policy.

Duke Interdisciplinary Student Innovators (DISI).
Our mission is to create a dynamic interdisciplinary graduate and professional student group at Duke that contributes its talents at the intersection of business principles, technological innovation, and effective policy to serve social organizations.

Duke Outreach in Genetics and Genomics (DOinGG).
We are a group of graduate students who are committed to the mission of increasing public knowledge and appreciation of science.

Duke Sigma Xi.
The Duke Chapter of Sigma Xi is active in promoting scientific collaboration and communication both within the Duke and with the broader Durham community. We sponsor student research and travel grants, presentation awards, symposia and networking events.

Duke SNAP (Duke Stories for Nature and People).
Duke SNAP aims to promote science communications within an interdisciplinary body of members; to be a hub for conservation communication via photography, film, graphic arts, science writing, and radio stories; and to provide in-depth training and resources for those wishing to improve their storytelling skills.

Duke Student Think Tank (DSTT).
An organization devoted to finding solutions to current issues in society with poor or no current solutions. This is done by debate and research in collaboration with faculty. The solutions produced are brought to the attention of decision makers by publication or direct submission. All decision have to be “viable” in the current political climate at the time of submission.

Duke Undergraduate Bioethics Society (DUBS).
The Society aims to promote the exchange of ideas and foster an awareness of the ethical, social and legal implications of development in science, technology and medicine.

Genome Research & Education Society (GRES).
Our group aims to foster an education of and academic interest in the genome sciences, ethics, and policy in the general Duke population as well as the surrounding Durham community.

Ocean Policy Working Group (OPWG).
The Ocean Policy Working Group (OPWG) draws graduate and professional students from diverse disciplines to explore the political, economic, and cultural dimensions of human interactions with the ocean.

Policy and Management Interest Group (PMIG).
The mission of the Duke School of Medicine Policy and Management Interest Group is to aid medical students and allied health professions students who are seeking to explore careers in health policy, management, finance, or innovation.

ScienceDays is a mentoring program to foster scientific curiosity in elementary school students by engaging them in hands-on learning opportunities beyond the ordinary classroom experience. The program aims to create a national network of enthusiastic high school and college mentors who are dedicated to making a difference in their communities by promoting science education.  We are a nationally recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Triangle Science Share
Triangle Science Share is a passionate group of Duke University students interested in delivering cutting-edge scientific research to local high school students. They hold weekly seminars consisting of two Duke undergraduate/graduate/professional presenters and occasionally a high school student that has conducted research at the university level.