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Fri, May 15

The High Stakes of Pricing a Coronavirus Drug

Now that the federal government is allowing the emergency use of remdesivir for coronavirus patients, and as the world awaits final clinical data on the drug’s effectiveness, a giant question looms: What will the price be?

Sun, May 10

Should Governments Issue Coronavirus “Passports”?

While some bioethicists believe that this is sound and ethical, others are skeptical…

Tue, May 05

With CRISPR, a Possible Quick Test for the Coronavirus

A pioneer of the gene-editing technology has devised a diagnostic test for the infection that could be as simple as a pregnancy test.

Mon, Apr 20

The US needs to do 20 million tests a day to reopen safely, according to new plan

A group of experts has produced a plan for the US to reopen its economy safely this summer. However, it’s contingent on doing at least 20 million tests every day, scaling up contact tracing, and ensuring those who need to isolate can be properly supported…

Wed, Apr 15

Prominent scientists have bad news for the White House about coronavirus antibody tests

In a phone call last week, some of the nation’s top scientists briefed White House officials about antibody testing, according to two doctors who were on the call…

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