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Thu, Jul 16

How TikTok’s Departure from Hong Kong Could Become a Win for China

On its surface, the move seems like a victory for human right. But the reality is far blurrier.

Thu, Jul 16

Did Cheating Actually Help the Houston Astros Win the World Series?

Dr. William Krenzer, faculty with Duke Science & Society and fellow social psychologist, Eric Splan, look at the data to see what effect it had on the Astros’ championship win.

Wed, Jul 08

China’s crackdown in Hong Kong raises fears the great internet firewall could expand

A new national security law could push U.S. tech companies out of Hong Kong, extending China’s influence in the city.

Wed, Jun 17

Scientists Edited Human Embryos in the Lab, and It Was a Disaster

The experiment raises major safety concerns for gene-edited babies

Mon, Jun 15

Amazon Pauses Police Use of Its Facial Recognition Software

The company said it hoped the moratorium “might give Congress enough time to put in place appropriate rules” for the technology.

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