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Mon, Apr 12

The Moments That Could Have Accidentally Ended Humanity

In recent history, a few individuals have made decisions that could, in theory, have unleashed killer aliens or set Earth’s atmosphere on fire. What can they tell us about attitudes to the existential risks we face today?

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Wed, Apr 07

Vaccine Passports Could Be in High Demand but Opposition Remains

As millions of Americans get their COVID-19 vaccine, government leaders and the private sector are grappling with how to use that information to reopen the economy and return to some semblance of normal everyday activities.

Tue, Apr 06

How the Pandemic is Fueling the Tech Industry’s Union Push

Labor experts say that the Amazon union vote in Alabama is “the beginning, not the end” of a movement to bring together tech workers of all stripes.

Wed, Mar 31

Deepfake “Amazon Workers” are Sowing Confusion on Twitter. That’s Not the Problem.

The accounts are likely just parodies, not part of a sinister corporate strategy, but they illustrate the kind of thing that could happen someday.

Wed, Mar 17

Scientists Plan to Drop the 14-Day Embryo Rule

As technology for manipulating embryonic life accelerates, researchers want to get rid of their biggest stop sign.

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