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Wed, Oct 21

Could this iPhone app transform how we diagnose autism?

It’s 11:30 am on a Monday, we’re on the 30th floor of a fashionable New York City hotel, and Ricky Bloomfield is getting excited.

And given what he and his colleagues just showed me, I can’t blame him.

“We [took] an entire medical study and put it into an app,” says Bloomfield, an energetic pediatrician and the head of mobile technology strategy for Duke Medical Center.

The specific app that Bloomfield has previewed for me is called Autism & Beyond. It’s the result of a years-long project led by a team of Duke doctors, researchers, and programmers, including Helen Egger, who’s head of child psychology, and Guillermo Sapiro, an engineering professor. It’s one of several new apps that Apple is making available through its ResearchKit platform today.

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