SciReg Lab

Applying Science & Tech in Our Courts & Agencies

The purpose of the Science Regulation Lab (“SciReg Lab”) is to teach about the use of emerging science and technology in the courts and regulatory agencies through the drafting and submission of amicus briefs and comments to rule-makings. The project had previously been called the “Amicus Lab”, but the name has been updated to reflect the expansion of its initial focus upon the courts, to include the administrative process.

Under the mentorship of Duke faculty, Interdisciplinary teams of students identify proposed rule-makings and court cases appropriate for the potential submission of comments and amicus briefs. Working in small interdisciplinary teams, the students identify the scientific issues implicated by the pending action, interview relevant scientific and legal experts, and draft comments and/or amicus briefs to be submitted in the proceeding. The Briefs and Comments are unaligned with any party and are intended to provide the courts and regulatory agencies with unbiased, current, accurate and coherent information on the science underlying the pending decision or proposed rule. All Comments and Briefs are submitted in the name of the Duke University SciReg Lab, with attributed student authorship.

Faculty lead: Buz Waitzkin, Deputy Director, Duke Initiative for Science & Society.