Jory Weintraub, PhD

Broader Impacts Resource Center

Supporting the Duke research community's broader impacts efforts.

Welcome to the Duke Broader Impacts Resource Center (BIRC)!

As a member of the Duke research community, it is crucial that you focus and reflect on both the scientific/technological impacts of your work and the broader impacts, as well.  The broader impacts of your work are the benefits to the broader scientific community, the education community and the general public.  In other words, your work’s broader impacts are its benefits to society, as a whole.

Established in the Spring of 2016 as a core activity of the Duke Initiative for Science & Society, the BIRC’s mission is to support the Duke University research community in its individual and collective efforts to develop, implement, assess and disseminate broader impacts activities and initiatives.

The BIRC’s goal is to help you write better, more comprehensive, more compelling research proposals.  But, just as importantly, the support provided by the BIRC will enable you to improve the public perception and understanding of the value of STEM research and Duke’s role in supporting it, through the creation of more (and more effective) broader impacts/public outreach activities.

We look forward to working with you!