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Tue, Sep 12

Science & Society Welcomes Our 2023 Cohort

At Duke’s Initiative for Science & Society, we believe that true understanding and innovation emerges at the intersection of different disciplines. Our courses are designed to harness the collective wisdom of diverse academic and professional backgrounds, which are key to a dynamic learning environment that empowers our students to tackle complex challenges in bioethics, tech-ethics, and policy. We are thrilled to welcome another diverse group of students joining us this year. We are thrilled to introduce the diverse group of students joining us this year. Hailing from various backgrounds including Philosophy, Neuroscience, Computer Sciences, Biology, Medicine, Political Science, English, and Anthropology, our cohort represents a rich tapestry of knowledge and perspectives.


Here are a few inspiring stories from our 2023 Cohort:

🎓 Jenna Wong, a graduate of the University of Chicago, blends Philosophy and Law, Letters, and Society. She’s dedicated to applied ethics, focusing on Technology Ethics.

🎓 Merritt, a double major in Mathematics and Computer Science, is passionate about ethical assistive technologies.

🎓 Isabela, with a background in Political Science, merges STEM and Social Sciences, specializing in tech ethics and national security.

🎓 Liz, a Biomedical Humanities grad, dives deep into genetics and clinical ethics, advocating for bioethical concerns.

🎓 Reagan, an Anthropology and Forensic Science expert, tackles ethical challenges in advancing technology and medicine.

🎓 Patrick, a summa cum laude grad in neuroethics, navigates complex intersections of neuroscience, law, and policy.

🎓 Eliza, a BA in philosophy, applies philosophical concepts in scientific contexts, emphasizing effective healthcare communication.

🎓 Dakota, a Duke alum, champions equitable outcomes in healthcare for marginalized communities.

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