Master of Arts in

Bioethics & Science Policy

Our students are encouraged to explore widely among the schools and departments at Duke to take electives such Science and the Media, FDA Law and Policy, Race, Genomics, & Society, Health Disparities, Innovation and Political Entrepreneurship, Theological Ethics, and more. Additionally, students may design their own independent study projects working with one of our faculty. Receive more info Apply Now

The MA program has engaged an amazing group of Duke faculty from all over campus to offer a robust selection of intellectually stimulating elective courses. Below is a representative sample of electives. This list is offered only to suggest the breadth of electives a student might consider. We encourage our students to range widely across all of the schools and departments of Duke to identify and take courses that are relevant to their scholarly and professional interests.

Note: While you can take courses below the 500-level, some may not count towards your MA degree requirements or overall GPA calculation. Special permission is needed to take courses below the 500-level. You may email Julia Orlidge-Diehl for more information.



BIOETHIC 606 Activism And Advocacy
BIOETHIC 700 Research Independent Study
BIOETHIC 701 Fda Law And Policy
BIOETHIC 701 Intro To Research Methodology
BIOETHIC 702 Communication For Scientists
BIOETHIC 703 Frontier Robotics
BIOETHIC 706 Amicus Lab
BIOLOGY 329 Principles Animal Phys
BIOLOGY 417S Genetic Engineer/Biotech
BIOLOGY 420 Cancer Genetics
BIOLOGY 431S Human Embryology
BIOLOGY 515 Principles Of Immunology
BIOLOGY 554 Human Evolutionary Genomics
BIOLOGY 590S Seminar
BIOLOGY 726 Dynamic Modeling Of Biol Sys
BME 529 Theortical & Applied Poly Sci
BME 570L Intro Biomolecular Egr
BME 577 Drug Transport Analysis
BME 590 Advanced Topics
BME 701S Bme Graduate Seminars
BME 702S Bme Graduate Seminars
CBB 510S Comp Bio Seminar
CEE 690 Advanced Topics In Cee
CEE 890 Special Readings
COMPSCI 701 Intro Grad Students Compsci
CRP 242 Prin Of Clinical Research
CRP 243 Intro To Medical Genetics
CRP 249 Health Services Research
CRP 273 Impl/Diss Of Hlthcare Research
ECON 334 Health Economics
ENERGY 630 Transportation And Energy
ENERGY 795 Connections In Energy: Project
ENGLISH 490 Special Topics Lang/Lit
ENVIRON 569 Should I Eat Fish?
ENVIRON 590 Special Topics
ENVIRON 640 Climate Change Econ And Policy
ETHICS 250S Governance And Healthcare
ETHICS 590S Special Topics In Ethics
EVANTH 355 Food For Thought
GENOME 205 Science And Masculinity
GENOME 256 Genome Sciences And Society
GENOME 258 Race, Genomics, And Society
GENOME 502S Communicating Science & Bioeth
GENOME 590S Topics In Genome Sciences
GERMAN 102 First-Year German Ii
GLHLTH 341 Ethics Of Infectious Disease
GLHLTH 571 Intro To Maternal/Child Health
GLHLTH 660 Global Mental Health
GLHLTH 701 Global Health Challenges
GLHLTH 750 Health Systems In Developing Countries
GLHLTH 755 Global Health Policy
GLHLTH 771 One Health: From Philosophy to Practice
GLHLTH 795 Connections In Global Health
GLHLTH 840 Ethics And Policy-Making
HISTORY 371 Food In Global History
HISTORY 549S Histories of Science and Technology
HLTHMGMT 7 Health Care Markets
HLTHMGMT 7 Biotech And Pharma Strategy
LAW 200 Administrative Law
LAW 270 Intellectual Property
LAW 313 Judicial Decisionmaking
LAW 321 Life Sciences Innovation
LAW 347 Health Care Law/Policy
LAW 369 Patent Law And Policy
LAW 420 Trial Pract
LAW 512 Medicine And The Law
LAW 527 Access To Medicines
LAW 581 Fintech
LAW 590 Risk Regulation U.S., Eur, Bey
LAW 593 Sexuality And The Law
LAW 636 Food Law And Policy
LINGUIST 208 Philosophy Of Mind
LIT 390S Special Topics In Literature
ME 555 Advanced Topics
ME 759 Special Readings
MOLCAN 819 Cancer As A Disease
NEUROBIO 75 Neurotoxicology
NEUROSCI 27 Sex/Gender – Nature/Nurture
NURSING 563 Trends Genetics And Genomics
NURSING 564 Intro Medical Spanish
PHARM 733 Experiment Design & Statistics
PHIL 503S Contemp Ethical Theories
PHIL 541S Hist/Phil Perspect On Science
PHIL 590S-02 Special Fields Seminar: Ethics & AI
PHIL 640S Philosophical Psychology
PHIL 692S Bioethics
PHIL 753S Principles In Cog Neuro I
PHYSEDU 116 Weight Training For Women
PHYSEDU 126 Volleyball
POLSCI 631L Deduct/Analytical Approaches
PSY 510S Developmental Psychopathology
PSY 611 Global Mental Health
PSY 668S Everyday Cognition
PSY 759S Principles In Cog Neuro I
PUBPOL 165 Intro To Us Health Care Systm
PUBPOL 348 Science And Policy Of Obesity
PUBPOL 510S Science And The Media
PUBPOL 524S Health Disparities
PUBPOL 525S Poverty Pol And Welfare Reform
PUBPOL 560S Philanthropic Fdn And Pub Pol
PUBPOL 590S Adv Top In Public Policy
PUBPOL 726 Innov And Pol Entrepreneurship
PUBPOL 727 Service Delivery Systems
PUBPOL 789 Mini-Seminars In Idp
PUBPOL 790 Special Topics In Idp
PUBPOL 825 Topics In Health Policy
PUBPOL 890 Special Topics
PUBPOL 891 Special Topics
SOCIOL 263 Aging And Health
SOCIOL 425 Intellectual Prop & Innovation
STA 111 Probability/Stat Infer
UPGEN 778 Genetics and Genomics Solutions to Biological Problems
XTIANETH 757 Christian Ethics
XTIANETH 807 Theological Bioethics
XTIANETH 999 Directed Study
XTIANTHE 790 Topics In Theology