Master of Arts in

Bioethics & Science Policy

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The MA program has engaged an amazing group of Duke faculty from all over campus to offer a robust selection of intellectually stimulating elective courses. Below is a representative sample of electives.

  • Bioethic 502S Communicating Science & Bioethics
  • Bioethic 606S Activism and Advocacy Among Patients and Research Participants
  • Biology 554 Genomic Perspectives on Human Evolution
  • Genome 508S Global Health and Genomics
  • Genome 584/Law 584 Genetics and Reproductive Technologies
  • GlHlth 540/PubPol 638 Global Health Ethics: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
  • GlHlth 740 Ethics of Global Health Research
  • Law TBD Neuroscience, Law, and Policy
  • Law 347 Healthcare Law & Policy
  • Law 527 Access to Medicines: Intellectual Property and Global Public Health
  • Law 774.01 Taboo Trades & Forbidden Exchanges
  • Neurosci 555S/Phil 555S Topics in Philosophy of Mind
  • Phil 539S/ AAAS 580S Race Theory: Biological Classification and Moral Implications
  • Phil 541S/Hist 577S Historical and Philosophical Perspectives on Science
  • Phil 634S/Biology 555S Problems in the Philosophy of Biology
  • Phil 692S Bioethics
  • Phil 950S Neurophilosophy
  • Psy 608S Gender, Pain, and Coping
  • Psy 609S Psychosocial Determinants of Health
  • Psy 672S Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory
  • Psy 759S/Phil 753S Principles in Cognitive Neuroscience I
  • Psy 760S/Phil 754S Principles in Cognitive Neuroscience II
  • Psy 780S Foundations of Behavioral and Computational Neuroscience
  • PubPol 640 Value for Money in Health Care
  • PubPol 642S Designing Innovation for Global Health
  • PubPol 825 Topics in Health Policy
  • Sociol 641S Proseminar in Medical Sociology: Social Determinants of Health or Health in the Life Course Perspective