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Personalized genomics entails sequencing and analyzing the genome of an individual.

Duke faculty members are leaders in the field of personalized genomics, which aims to integrate genomic knowledge in the delivery of healthcare that is tailored to an individual patient’s genetic makeup. Duke faculty created the Center for Personalized and Precision Medicine and compiled a comprehensive textbook in the field, Genomics and Personalized Medicine.

Duke faculty also participate in the personalized genomics movement, supporting efforts to create databases of genetic variants or having their own genome sequenced and made publicly available. Duke is also leading the field of clinical sequencing through the Duke Taskforce for Neonatal Genomics, which is using genomic technologies, like whole exome sequencing and zebrafish disease modeling, to assist the diagnosis of newborns and young children with challenging clinical cases. Researchers also examine the translation of genomic medicine, especially pharmacogenetics, into clinical care and personalized approaches to healthcare that improve patient outcomes.

Participating Faculty

Representative Courses

  • Genomics and Personalized Medicine in Clinical Care (Nursing)
  • Health Policy (Public Policy)
  • Trends in Genetics and Genomics for Health Care and Society (Nursing, Genome)

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