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Research Areas

Across campus, faculty and students engage in projects addressing the social, ethical, and legal implications of neuroscience.

From wide-ranging inquiries in neuromarketing, neuroscience and moral judgments, academic integrity, and psychopathy, Duke students and faculty work together to understand human motivations and behavior. Participants in the Bass Connections Brain & Society theme explore how emerging ideas in neuroscience link to intellectual and social challenges. Through education and integrated problem solving teams, students and faculty examine connections between research in neuroscience and challenging questions in medicine, the humanities, public policy, economics, ethics, and law. The MadLab, (Moral Attitudes and Decision-Making Lab) at the Kenan Institute for Ethics examines why people think and do what they do through the lenses of psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, and sociology.

Participating Faculty

Representative Courses

  • Neuroethics (Law)
  • Reason & Argument (Philosophy)

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