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Master in Bioethics & Science Policy

Are you exploring the frontiers of engineering and looking forward to tackling society's greatest challenges? Broaden your perspective at Duke and become a leader among innovators. Online Info Session S&S Leadership Award

Engineers taking on today’s greatest challenges will benefit from training beyond common courses in science and technology. Understanding policy, business, and law are important assets in building a career at the cutting edge of scientific discovery. Training to analyze human behavior, evaluate risk, and consider related ethical issues will broaden your perspective and create opportunities for leadership in your field.

The Duke Master in Bioethics & Science Policy teaches students how to identify, analyze, and propose solutions to complex issues at the intersection of science, technology, ethics, and policy. While your engineering studies have focused on the question of “Can we?” our bioethics curriculum asks, “Should we?” and our policy training will teach you “How?” Expand your skillset to better collaborate with teams across disciplines in corporate, non-profit, or government organizations.

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The MA in Bioethics & Science Policy program allows you to:

  • Broaden your expertise to include the communication, philosophy, and regulation of science
  • Sharpen your ability to analyze ethical issues arising from scientific innovation
  • Learn how science policy is created and enacted into regulations and law
  • Focus your studies on an existing or emerging area that poses fundamental questions about the relationship between science, ethics, and society
  • Gain acces to the vast educational and research opportunities at Duke University
  • Study alongside an interdisciplinary cohort with diverse perspectives and educational backgrounds
  • Gain practical experience through a summer capstone project

Today’s world of rapid progress in the sciences has seen an increased demand for professionals with expertise in the ethical and policy implications of an increasingly broad range of scientific areas. Our expanded focus provides a broader education, opens more opportunities to graduating students, and prepares students to meet an ever-growing need in society.

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