Madeline Liddicoat
Madeline Liddicoat

Master of Arts in Bioethics & Science Policy Webinar

Join us for this special online info session. We will discuss cutting-edge advances in science and how these advances raise challenging questions and complexities for society, researchers, legal decision-makers, and policymakers. Then learn how the MA in Bioethics & Science Policy is preparing leaders to meet this ever growing need in society. Jump to RSVP About the MA Program

Join Us For An Online Info Session

Our MA students examine critical issues at the intersection of science and society.

Should we use technologies that enhance or alter our brains? Is it ever ethical to modify the human genome? How does technology affect cognitive liberty? Answers to these new and challenging questions will shape our world and our place it in. At Duke University we are preparing our graduate students to become leaders and translators at the intersection of science and society.

Our Master of Arts in Bioethics & Science Policy is the first of its kind to combine training in bioethics with science policy and law, providing you with a broader education and more opportunities after graduation.

During this online information sessions we will share more about the bioethics & science policy graduate program, including:

  • Interdisciplinary curriculum, including core courses and electives
  • Concentrations
  • Capstone Project opportunities
  • Tailored mentoring opportunities
  • Admissions and financial aid
  • Student experience
  • Career Assistance

Are You Pre-Med or Pre-Law?

Are you looking for gap year ideas, increased depth in your education, or ways to improve your chances of admission? Students who spend their gap year with us gain a critical understanding of the bioethical issues they will face in their field, while learning how to influence legislation and policy change. Pre-law students can take advantage of the Duke JD/MA joint degree program, obtaining a JD and an MA in Bioethics & Science Policy in three years and one summer capstone project/job placement.

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