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Research Areas

How do issues of money, politics, race, sex, and culture affect sports and their role in society? What does the relationship between food, fat, and the urban setting tell us about rising rates of obesity and diabetes in India?

Questions such as these motivate anthropologists to use interdisciplinary techniques and approaches to make sense of our social world.

Anthropology literally means, “the study of the human.” Researchers within Evolutionary Anthropology and Cultural Anthropology study aspects of primate evolution and social development on various temporal and geographical scales.

Participating Faculty

Representative Courses

  • Anthropology and Global Health (Global Health)
  • Anthropology/Psychology (Cultural Anthropology)
  • Bodies and Selves (Cultural Anthropology)
  • Ethics in Evolutionary Anthropology (Evolutionary Anthropology)
  • Food for Thought (Evolutionary Anthropology)
  • Global Mental Health (Global Health)
  • Human Cognitive Evolution (Evolutionary Anthropology)
  • Human Rights and the Body (Law)
  • International Law and Global Health (Cultural Anthropology, Public Policy)
  • Primate Cognition: Genius of Dogs (Evolutionary Anthropology)
  • Primate Sexuality (Evolutionary Anthropology, Biology)
  • Sex-Gender/Nature Nurture (Neuroscience)
  • Sociobiology (Evolutionary Anthropology)

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