Master of Arts in

Bioethics & Science Policy

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Master’s in Bioethics & Science Policy 2024-2025 Estimated Cost of Attendance

The MA in Bioethics & Science Policy is designed to be completed in twelve calendar months, across three academic semesters. The most common course of study begins in Fall (August), continues through Spring, and offers a 10-week capstone project over Summer I and Summer II semesters. Students present their MA final in late July.

In some cases, students need to graduate early, and their capstone projects need to shift to accommodate an early July completion. They are still registered during Summer II, in this case, but their project is completed earlier in the term.

We also have a Spring intake, in which students start during Spring semester (January), do their capstone during Summer I and Summer II, and then complete the program in the Fall.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition is set by the Duke Graduate School at $32,560 per semester in AY25. Health insurance may be waived if the student has US health insurance available in North Carolina.

2024-2025 Estimated Cost of Attendance

(excluding scholarships and workstudy)

FY25 FY26 Total
Monthly Fall 2024 Spring 2025 Smmr I 2025 Smmr II 2025 12 months
Tuition $32,560 $32,560 $16,280 $16,280 $97,680
Health Fee $484 $484 $176 $176 $1,320
Transcript Fee $120 $120
Activity Fee $18 $18 $36
Graduate Student Serv Fee $12 $12 $24
Recreation Fee $187 $187 $374
Health Insurance $3,461 $3,461
Total – Tuition/Fees $36,842 $33,261 $16,456 $16,456 $103,015
Books & Supplies $322 $322 $- $- $644
Estimated Loan Fee $478 $478 $239 $239 $1,434
Housing $1,502 $7,510 $7,510 $1,502 $1,502 $18,024
Food $470 $2,350 $2,350 $470 $470 $5,640
Local Transportation $226 $1,130 $1,130 $226 $226 $2,712
Personal & Misc $474 $2,370 $2,370 $474 $474 $5,688
Total – Living Expense $2,672 $14,160 $14,160 $2,911 $2,911 $34,142
Tuit/Fees/Insurance $36,842 $33,261 $16,456 $16,456 $103,015
Living Expense/Books/Loan Fees $14,960 $14,160 $2,911 $2,911 $34,942
Total Cost of Attendance $51,802 $47,421 $19,367 $19,367 $137,957

Scholarships and Funding

Recognizing this is a significant amount, Duke Science & Society created a scholarship pool available to all matriculated students.  All students who are admitted to the program will receive a merit scholarship to the program without any additional application.  The average merit scholarship is 20%, but some may be higher or lower.

We also offer a significant scholarship, the Science & Society Leadership Award, to a student who shows significant promise to become a leader in the field of Bioethics, Tech Ethics, Science Policy, or Tech Policy.  This requires a separate one-page essay application. Details can be found here.

Many of our students offset some living expenses through work/study opportunities.  Approximately 40% of each cohort works ~10 hours per week assisting a professor in a lab, working as a teaching assistant, or helping organize a symposium or conference.  These students not only earn spending money, but also gain valuable experience in policy work and get to know a professor better.  Work/study opportunities are posted for S&S positions during the summer/fall, but matriculating students can find opportunities throughout Duke via the student employment portal.

There are a few valuable scholarships to consider.  Many of our non-US students apply for the Fulbright Scholarship.  US Citizens are eligible to apply for the NSF GRFP, which closes in October.  Funding for Master’s programs is also provided by the Samvid Scholars program.   Duke Grad School also welcomes US veterans and participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program.  Students are encouraged to seek out other opportunities via their own research.

Program Extension

The Master’s in Bioethics & Science Policy was designed to be completed in one full year (three semesters—including Fall, Spring, and Summer).  Duke Science & Society offers students the opportunity to continue their studies at Duke for an additional semester at a $2,000 tuition cost plus fees and insurance.  Students will notify their academic advisor during their third semester if they will delay graduation and extend their stay.  Below is a chart showing the costs for a student extending their stay in the fall 2024.

Est. Tutition and Fees – MA in Bioethics & Science Policy Fall Semester Extension
Fall 2024
Tution 32,560
Science & Society Scholarship (tuition less $2,000) -30,560
Health Fee 487
Activity Fee 18
Grad Student Service Fee 12
Recreational Fee 190
Tuition and Fees – No Insurance 2,707
Health Insurance * 3,381
Tuition and Fees – With Insurance 6,088

* Students may obtain a refund for the Jan-Aug portion of their health insurance.