Student doing research

Research Areas

Duke researchers explore ways in which science, technology, culture, and the environment affect individuals’ health and well-being.

From studies of the neuroscience of the psychopathologies of adolescent depression and substance use disorders, to examinations of environmental toxins, to traditional Jewish dietary laws (kashrut), to the use of mobile technologies in personalized medicine and modern issues of environmentalism and bioengineered food, researchers consider health behaviors over the human lifespan to find ways to improve quality of life and reduce health disparities.

Participating Faculty

Representative Courses

  • Brain, Society, and Individual (Psychology)
  • Biblical Ethics (Religion)
  • Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy (Psychology)
  • Developmental Psychopathology (Psychology)
  • Issues in Medical Ethics (Philosophy)
  • Jewish Ethics (Religion)
  • Jewish Mysticism (Religion)
  • Judaism and Food (Religion)
  • Quantitative Research Methods for Global Health Science (Global Health)
  • Seminar in Toxicology (Environmental Science)
  • Sin and Redemption in Contemporary North American Literature (Religion)

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